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Prospects for Structural & Civil Engineer Jobs: Future Employment

What amounts to employment job opportunities for civil & structural engineers, through 2013 and even into 2014, is debatable. While demand for engineering services will depend quite a bit on geographic location of employ and engineering specialty, along with other factors and influences.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate for civil in the decade ending 2020 is calculated to be near 19% which is right about par. But, since much of the employment for civil and structural is oriented in the commercial sector, these positions will probably not fair as well as some of the other residential construction positions. This, based on new housing starts and the increase into the later part of 2012 as compared with the commercial sector.

However, since much of civil/structural is based on the nations infrastructure, in particular, roads, bridges and highways, the outcome in these areas will be dependent on allocated funding. All of which is being placed into question given the cutbacks associated with the national debt crisis. The focus on safety, therefore, such as for bridges is sure to play a key role in prioritizing funding.
Structural inspectors will be relied on, likely to make recommendations with regards to maintenance and revitalization efforts as many of the nations transportation complex (highways and bridges) becomes further plagued by deterioration. The rusting of iron members (deeper scaling) on bridges for instance, should be halted before structural integrity begins to become compromised. In sum, a lot of the proposed work could amount to being weighed as 'lesser costs now versus much greater costs and risks later.'

Those engineers, namely civil, who are involved with defense could be hit hardest, as specualtion mounts for major cutbacks. However those involved with the nations potable water supply, as it's on schedule to deplete in the coming years, could be found increasingly in demand.

  For civil structural postions - gives percentage breakdowns for postings by state.

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