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Construction Employment : Data & Future Job Prospects

In light of employment figures and projections for the year 2013 and going forward even to 2014, construction and the building industry is showing postive signs of rebounding but more so among residential construction than for commercial. This includes individual businessess as an aggregate, with much still being upheld for debate.

Viewing The Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the three months ending 2012, employment numbers continue to creep ahead, increasing by 24,000 employees for the month of November, 30,000 for December and 28,000 for January 2013. While during the same period, unemployment was at 12.2%, 13.5% and rising to 16.1% respectively. Tallying a toal of 5,731,000 workers for the first month of `013 (seasonally adjusted).

But it should be noted, that construction laborers comprise the largest percentage of the mix, at 611 k, with the higher skilled positions trailing. In other words, the types of positions being lost or gained may actually have some bearing on this. Even so, it still could be true that while housing starts have been on the rise, actual job numbers have a ways to catch up.

Geographic location too plays a critical role, with favorable growth reports (2012) coming out of select parts of California (early 2013 as well), Arizona and Texas while other states such as Florida, Nevada and Michigan are experiencing far worse. With actual concentrations of employable prospects in each of these states factoring with real-life, employment figures.

One rather unpopular factor affecting a bulk of the construction labor markets, will be how the country eventually resolves the status of unauthorized immigrants. Whose current healthy supply of prospects does affect the total workpool. But there are at least some proposals, indicating that those attaining higher skill-sets might possibly be awarded exception, all reigning with possibility and speculation though.
For individual prospects ascending the skill ladder, upward: those that bring education and demonstrable experience having to do with building technology should have an edge. Examples are those competent in seismic cabling, super-lightweight concrete, robotics/automation/security systems and especially any time saving and cost reduction procedures.

For positions including architect, civil and structural, estimator and all related industry positions.

construction jobs by state For a cross section of all positions - gives percentage breakdowns for postings by state.

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