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Construction Project Managers/Superintendents: Future Employment

The opportunities during 2013 for construction management jobs is likely to be steady, and this includes positions for superintendents. This could extend into the year 2014 as the call for competent managers continues to hold, while demand will unquestionably hinge on many factors and influences leading up to and throughout.

Going by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate for the ten year period ending 2020 should yield about a 17% increase. However one should use caution as with any prediction, given the number & variety of manager types: from the self-employed (comprising roughly 2/3 of the herd) to the specialty contractor manager, on to the larger scale project PM heading the high-rise, or one out in the field treading thru mud with boots. So any proposed attempt at measurement will likely cover a sorted range, indeed.

PM's on commercial-related projects may show less of a prospect than those working residential projects, given the spark new housing starts have shown over the commercial sector as of last 2012. However, working somewhat to their advantage, the PM does usually command a presence throughout, being neither an 'early stage' or 'later stage' discipline, so any rise in building activity from shovel onward should reflect within a reasonable timeframe. With the manager pulling the entire process of making together. While much will depend on the actual amounts of rehabilitating and transformation efforts that actually do come to take place.

There will continue to be demand, to satisfy openings left by those leaving the field. Trends of greater demands being put on the shoulders of the PM are expected to continue, given the way that buildings are being constructed. The ongoing era of 'safety and security' integrating with the development phase, will keep the spotlight on the practically skilled and technically aware manager with a bachelor's or engineering degree in management, re-affirming.
Seasoned managers and superintendents among the workpool may have options for transfering or applying their expertise to other areas of construction, particularly those seeking mobility and this also applies to managers operating as consultants.

Most subcontractor managers are employed in the Plumbing & HVAC industries. These managers may continue to move up the ladder, so to speak, undergoing greater interchangeability and carrying their know how beyond their area of specialty. As quite a few numbers of PM's traditionally get their start this way.

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