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According to our records, the total average compensation paid to Construction Purchasing professionals tips a total of $61,000 (adjusted). This figure represents amounts paid for base salary, bonuses, benefits and all incentives combined into one.

Depending on the company or organization, some purchasers, as part of an incentive package, may receive performance bonuses that has a focus on being measured by "monies saved" along with cumulative incentives earned for the entire package. As the purchasing manager or agent often works in close cooperation with cost estimators, their employers rely on his or her efforts to help bring projects in, either at, or preferably below projected costs.

Going by the BLS, the top 10% earn over $105,000 and those that are managers reign in the highest salaries.

In reality, consultants and senior buyers on up may be remitted more. Those who are Directors - including those who are Certified Purchasing Professionals (CPP's) and Certified Professional Purchasing Managers (CPPM's) with the American Purchasing Society, as part of their credentials - may command $175,000 and greater depending on the company and structure of incentives. Amounts greater than this are not unheard of.

Buyers, agents, and managers who are gainfully employed in purchasing are encouraged to visit the entry place for compensation. While we continue to pass on results.

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updated: Feb. 22, 2013

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