Sample Resume Writing Examples for Construction

As an example, here is a sample of resume writing that can help voice the credentials of the construction job candidate. Remember, the resume should be factual in tone and content while accurately conveying your abilities to fulfill the opening. There is little room for doubt and it should run robust through and through.

Contact Information:
First Name/Last Name
City, State Zip code
phone # (main)
cell #
email address

- Alternate example (head of page):

First Name/Last Name, Address City, State Zip code
phone # (main), cell #, email address

Short entences that describe you goal with respect to the position, in a nutshell. Already beginning to answer why you should be hired.

Highlights and Qualifications
Recap your skills and achievements that evidence why you should be hired.
Contains specific achievements. Also whether you met or exceeded goals.

As a sample, for Construction Estimator or Construction Purchasing Agent, you may want to spell out in terms of total dollars cost savings, or other easily identifiable, concrete form, for example: 'Resulted in a record $ 1.8 mil identifiable costs savings to corporation over a three year period'.

If in Construction Sales, for example: 'Achieved $800,000 in sales volume for first quarter of 2012, exceeding projected quota by 30%'

If a Safety Inspector, how your efforts directly achieved a quantifiable drop in terms of accidents and injuries. In essence, provide the reader of the resume something he or she can easily quantify to help evaluate you as a potential candidate. Numeric results are ideal if this fits the situation.

Companies employed by, their address, and dates of employ.
Usually ordered by most recent first.
Succinctly include what was achieved in your role, your responsibilities


Educational institutions attended, degrees, awards and honorary memberships along with dates.

Listings of special skills that relate to the position.
ex: 'MS Office, php/mysql, fluent in Chineese and Russian'

'Available on request'.

  It is free to job seekers to post a resume for construction, architecture or engineering in text format to our resume database which is constantly being updated, with new requests being added and outdated ones expiring with their preferred date limits. For details and information see our services for resumes Only a two step process for signup.

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