Salary Results: Schedulers

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According to our most current results, the average total compensation for Construction Project Schedulers is near $59,250 non-adjusted. This figure represents amounts in the form of salary and bonus, various benefits and all incentives combined into one.

Some Schedulers, as part of a structured incentive, may receive 'on time' bonuses and incentives as part of an entire performance based package. While this indeed forms renumeration for a pressure-related position.

According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the numbers they go by, the top 10% earn greater than $148,000 although it should be noted that this is also in an industrial-type setting with the highest paid recipients involved in management roles within the organization.

Managers of Scheduling & also Master Schedulers normally rank among the upper ranges in building and construction. Although those with dual roles having to do with project management may have total amounts that exceed these, with the managment function much in touch with scheduling at every stage.

Professional Schedulers who are gainfully employed are encouraged to visit the entry place for compensation amounts.

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updated: Feb. 22, 2013

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